Your Landmark Investment

Innovative Agro Campus to grow, process & market locally and internationally, “high value medicinal plants”. Campus to be divided into plots of half acres (20,000 sq. ft.) each, prospects being offered to own such plot with clear title and complete rights & interests.
The project allows the prospects to.......

Earn income..... Enjoy holidays..... Plan for Retirement


Take a City User back to its Roots.

To become the Pioneers of Agri Land Business having traits of utmost Satisfying, being Reliable & Genuine and providing Adequate & Appropriate Services to its Customers. Building better nation by holistically improving life of our fellow inhabitant through 3 P’s of nature Purity, Peace and Patience.


Sustainable Home in Pure & Green Environment.

To be part of green revolution and lead in creating awareness for the benefits of owning an Agricultural Land – development of eco-friendly habitats — promote organic farming and cattle breeding activities – promote sustainable development of agriculture land thereby benefitting entire agriculture sector — To clarify numerous misconceptions regarding buying and development of agriculture land —To professionally assist enthusiasts in farming activities by providing expert consultancy and services to set up one’s own farm.


Afzal Patel

Founder, Chief Promoter and Conceptualizer.